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At Balloons by the Bay we stock over 35 colours of pearl and metallic helium quality latex balloons and many, many more printed latex and foil balloons – all for helium or air fill. We look forward to showing you our complete range to suit your occasion or colour scheme.

We supply helium cylinders and helium kits to do it yourself, or we can helium fill your balloons for you. You’ll find our helium hire and balloon fill pricing very competitive. For more information or bookings please contact us, or click on our Price List.

We offer so many options for helium balloon decorations that the majority of our customers prefer us to inflate their balloons or make up balloon bouquets that will make their function extra special. If you don’t have the time or expertise to attempt DIY, let us suggest some hassle-free options.

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At Balloons by the Bay we only use A grade decorator quality balloons made of 100% biodegradable latex. When comparing balloons and pricing it is very important to keep in mind that there are many different grades out there which can affect their overall look, size and length of floating time.

The quality of the latex will determine the durability and appearance of the balloon. Balloons purchased from discount stores, supermarkets and online are generally OK for air fill but either too small or lacking in quality for helium filling (even if labelled ’helium quality’ on the packaging). As helium is the most expensive component of your balloon decorating, don’t waste your money buying cheap balloons to use with helium gas – you’re likely to be disappointed.

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Latex balloons come in a large range of colours, sizes and prints. Printed balloons are available for all age birthdays, and every other event imaginable. At Balloons by the Bay we stock many colours in 12cm and 30cm latex balloons and have a wide range of colours available in link-o-loon and Qualatex 260Q modelling balloons. We can also order in specialty size balloons such as 45cm and 90cm round balloons for you.

Our 12cm balloons are often used in our balloon topiaries and table centrepieces which we can make up for you in your theme or colour scheme at a reasonable cost. Also, air filled balloons make fantastic topiary balls, either hung from the ceiling or wrapped around a post or pole – they are perfect for outdoor functions.

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Link-o-loon balloons are uniquely designed double-ended so that they can be tied together to create an instant arch, or column effect!  You can create a bold entryway, or a fun dancefloor, stage, or outdoor balloon decoration. If hiring one of our helium kits, you can ask to have some link-o-loon balloons included.

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The most popular foil balloon is filled with helium and is 45cm (18″) in size – these will fly for approximately 1-2 weeks. Our supershape themed foil balloons range anywhere from 50cm-110cm in size. Unlike latex balloons, a fault in the foil balloon may not be apparent at the time of filling, so pre-booking your order allows us to inflate the balloon well in advance of your party to ensure it is perfect. Balloons by the Bay routinely fill foil balloons the day before a party to ensure they are in perfect condition.

Foil balloons come in a huge range of colours and styles and include helium shapes and airwalkers. They are available in age prints and shapes from 1 to 100, Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, Retirement, Welcome Home, Baby, Get Well, Congrats and every other conceivable occasion.

A foil balloon can be tied to a gift, the back of the birthday person’s chair, or at the centre of a balloon bouquet. They are a long lasting gift or decoration, they take up less space and are a much cheaper option than flowers.

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One of our best-sellers!  If you’re looking for that point of difference – singing balloons can be a big hit.  Available in many different themes, they are approximately 70-80cm in size and are guaranteed for a minimum of 50 plays. You just tap the balloon. We also stock similar balloons that allow you to record your own message for playback.

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Hi-Float Gel and Helium Balloons

Magic – we think this is the best invention since sliced bread! You can ask to have your helium balloons treated with our “Hi Float” gel which will increase their floating life fro 8-12 hours to at least 2 days but often as much 5 days. Things such as humidity, rain and extreme heat can affect the life of the balloon.

Treated balloons look better and feel better. We do recommend pre-ordering your balloons if wanting the the treatment as we can prepare the balloons a little earlier, allowing the gel to dry before transporting, just in case one decides to pop.

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Making balloons last longer – helium v air

Balloons filled with air will last for a few days to a few weeks and can be filled the day before your function. Balloons filled with helium gas usually last 12-14 hours and need to be inflated on the day of your function. Flying times depend on the size, the quality of the balloons and the conditions on the day y. Balloons are adversely affected by heat, wind and sun, so keep them in a cool, dark place until needed.

Don’t leave filled helium balloons in your car while you shop and make sure they are released from their plastic bags within an hour and a half from collecting them from our shop.

As professional balloon decorators we only use premium quality balloons because they perform better whether filled with air or helium. They have a more uniform shape and size and are less likely to break.

Sunday Functions

You will find that most Party shops are not open on a Sunday, therefore you have three options for a Sunday function:
1. Order one of our helium kits and inflate the balloons yourself on Sunday.
2. Order balloons from us for collection on Saturday, have them treated with “Hi-Float” to make them last
3. Decorate with air-filled balloons only, which can be prepared by us, or yourself the day before.

Helium Gas Cylinder Hire

Please click on our Price List link for helium tank sizes and hire costs. A $50 or $100 refundable deposit applies depending on the size of tank you are hiring. Weekday hire is for 2 days and weekend hire is anytime from Friday to Monday. Extended hire will incur a $15 rental charge for each subsequent month the tank is un-returned. Extended hire must be pre-arranged to avoid loss of deposit.

When filling your helium balloons, try to size your balloons so they are all the same. Helium tanks are measured to do exactly 50, 100 or 300 x 28cm balloons. A good tip is to place your helium bottle 28cm from the tip of your regulator nozzle to a wall – that way when your balloon touches the wall you know to stop. Your decorations will look more professional if all balloons are the same size and sizing is crucial for flying time with helium filled balloons. Overfilling balloons stretches the latex and allows gas to escape more quickly, it also makes the balloons pear shaped and harder to tie off. Under-filling can severely affect the flying time.

A knot is the most effective way of sealing a balloon, however if you have lots of balloons to do, there are alternatives. A balloon seal or clipped ribbon can be used to tie off balloons.

Safety First – Helium balloons – inhalation is no laughing matter

Have you ever been to a party and inhaled helium in an attempt to sound like Donald Duck? If so, you have probably put your life at risk.

Evidence has proven that the inhalation of helium can be fatal, yet thousands of party goers continue to inhale helium thinking it to be incredibly funny rather than life threatening. The inhalation of helium cuts off a person’s supply of oxygen and can cause dizziness, unconsciousness and ultimately death. Just don’t do it.

Helium Balloons and the Environment

Research shows that latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. When released, balloons fly to about 8km, expand, shatter, and fall back to the earth.

Extensive US studies, advice from Australian fishermen and monitoring and surveys by Government researchers show that balloons are having no adverse effect on wildlife or the environment.

Finally, while a balloon is biodegradable, the ribbon attached to the balloon is not. When advised that a balloon is to be released, Balloons by the Bay will attach a 100% biodegradable cotton or raffia string.  It is a Balloons by the Bay policy that our store will never knowingly attach a standard curling ribbon to balloons intended for release.

The above information has been drawn from information publicly available from the Balloon Artists’ and Suppliers’ Association of Australia and the study conducted by the US National Association of Balloon Artists.

The information outlined above is provided without guarantee and is based upon more than 15 years experience in the event management and balloon and party industries. If you have any queries about balloon decorating, please contact our store directly.

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